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Swingers Resorts FAQ`s

Swinger Resorts FAQ.

For those of us who are new to swinging or who have been in such lifestyle for a while may have lots of unanswered questions about swinger vacation. Here we will try to answer some of those questions:

1. Are there any differences between swingers and nudists?

We can say that some swingers are nudists and vice versa.

The main different between swingers are nudists is that nudist tries extremely hard and making sure that the separate family nude recreation from any sort of sexual activities while swingers do not.

Although, this is the case swingers should not avoid nudist resorts. Swingers are most welcome to nudist resorts. If you are a swinger and enjoy optional recreation, why not try it out, let your hair down and have some fun.

If in doubt whether a resort welcomes swingers give them a call or send them an email to enquire about it.

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2. What are the differences between nudist resorts and clothing-optional resorts?

Nudist resorts mean exactly what is said, “nude”. Everyone are free all around the resort area in their birthday suit without the feeling of discomfort or embarrassments because everyone else are "naked" like you.

Whereas, clothing-optional resorts are resort where you may wear whatever you like on the grounds (with the exception of any public areas such as the lobby, parking lots and etc). All guests are welcome to go naked, wear a swimsuit, street clothes, or even lingerie. Whatever makes you comfortable or makes you feel good.

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3. Who visits swinger resorts?

Swingers who visit swinger resorts are mainly professional, substantial men and women with a well educated background. They can be doctors, lawyers, teachers, housewives, and etc. They probably people just like yourself, who wants to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature combined with the adventure of an erotic ambiance.

Those who goes to swinger resorts ranges from ages 25 to 80 years old, with couples making up to 96% of the guests. The remaining 4% consists of single adults and children.

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4. What does a "lifestyle friendly resort" mean?

The expression "lifestyle" has many different meaning, but in this instant we are referring to an environment in which couples can freely engage in open sexuality between themselves and others.

Remember this does not mean sex is free for all, it is when only one who wishes to.

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5. When a resort says "couples only" but I'm single, is there any way that you can hook me up with another single?

When a resort says "couple only", it actually means that couple who are either married, committed (an ongoing emotional commitment), living together (co-habitation, with or without an on-going intimate relationship, or single couples who date.

It does not mean people who have paired up together simply to gain access to swinger resort and couples. Swinger resorts try to make it a safe and comfortable environment for exploration in the fact that it is an environment for genuine couples only.

So swinger resorts will accept singles men and women, as long as they come with a couple and their relationship is made clear to the other guests. In this case, singles may only venture out of the threesome and party with other couples after a clear request.

The third party may share the same bedroom as their couple and the charged will be shared among them.

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6. Do we have to be a married couple to have a swinger-friendly holiday?

You don't necessarily need to be married couple to have a swinger-friendly holiday. But you do very least need to be either committed (an ongoing emotional commitment), living together (co-habitation, with or without an on-going intimate relationship, or single couples who date.

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7. Do we have to be active in the lifestyle to book couples only holiday?

Many couples who have booked themselves into a swinger resort vacation are looking for a little extra excitement to spice up their very own relationship. There are couples who are active in the lifestyle, while some are either into exhibitionists, voyeurs or fetish. However, they all share on thing in common that is they are all opened mined and tolerant of everyone.

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8. Are there any rules that I should be aware of at lifestyle resorts?

Rules and restrictions are much the same as what you follow in swinger's clubs back home. As a reminder, the fundamental rule is that you always ask before touching and that no means absolutely "no" with no questions ask.

Other rules may include:

  • Any unwanted attention is not acceptable
  • Anyone found or proven to be bothering other guest will be asked to leave
  • All behavior that requires and apology has already crossed the line and the consequences would be grounds for removal

Remember, swinger resorts ensures an environment which is safe and comfortable for couples to explore and enjoy.

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9. If I don't want to participant in any of the sexual activities, am I welcome to watch?

When you and your partner are at any swinger resort you are not required to do anything that you do not wish to, especially when it involves sexual contacts. Discreetly watching others is acceptable, but openly staring or moving into someone else’s comfort zone is not, unless it is clear that it is what you and they want.

So the rule of thumb is, aware of anything that might make others uncomfortable and detracted from their enjoyment of the experience.

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10. Are we free to swap partner, or what?

There are many variations of partner swapping as there are participants. It is up to every couple to make their own rules as their level of comfort dictates.

All couples can freely engage in sexual activity with others with or without their primary partner present (open swinging). Those who do not wish to engage in any sexual activities with anyone else can chose to enjoy the voyeuristic and exhibitionistic aspects of the lifestyle. Remember don’t forget to ask as it is your responsibilities for letting other know what your part is.

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11. Can we take pictures?

Taking picture in public places of people you do not know and without consent within the resort is forbidden. Taking unauthorized photographs of other guests is grounds for expulsion from the resort. This also includes the use of mobile phone camera.

It is only in the privacy of your own room and with consent from other couples that pictures may be taken.

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